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My Experience at YouTube BR

  This week I had an awesome experience at the central of YouTube Brazil, I went so excited to participate of this teaching class that my mind was full of YouTube the whole week before. BTW, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. 👍✨ In there I was introduced to the whole process to create an […]

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São Paulo Fashion Week – 2nd day “Lilly Sarti”

Lilly Sarti SPFW summer 2016 – “Oriental Seventies Mood” by the creative director Lilly Sarti this collection is the perfect interpretation of the style and behavior of 70’s, allied to the freedom of icon women of that period, such as Jacqueline Bisset and Charlotte Rampling, are reflected in brand’s season. Lilly Sarti São Paulo Fashion […]

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Brazil World Cup

I really love the World Cup´s games and this atmosphere of passion of each country. I believe the soccer is part of the Latin America´s culture and it’s the national sport of Brazil. Though this World Cup is being played in Brazil however I am enjoying the games in New York with my friends. I […]

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