#AprilSHOPLIST, This is for Everyone to Use

It’s finally April and here it is something new for you all. I was preparing this post for a long time because I wanted to do something cool that you could enjoy 100%, since the edition till the products that I’m going to show in here. I did this format “Get Inspired by Mairanny’s Look” because I don’t want to post anything for you to buy, I’ll post things that you can get inspired by my outfits.

This first one, the big opening is inspired by this boho-country-girl outfit that I posted on my instagram a couple weeks ago, a lot of people liked the style so I decided to start with this one to see how can we continue going with this idea.

I’ll search for clothes that looks the most like mine, it’s a difficult job but not impossible. So, let’s go.


NUMBER 1: Boho White Cropped Top “Take Me To The Sea Top” by FreePeople.com

NUMBER 2: Black Mini “Summer Nights Mini Skirt” by FreePeople.com

NUMBER 3: Black Detailed Skirt “Lover’s Lane Mini” by FreePeople.com

NUMBER 4: Country Animal Print “Snake Adelle Ankle Boot” by FreePeople.com

All the pieces that I found the inspiration for this looks is from FreePeople.com and you can find this and a lot more outfits that reminds my sense of style. If you get inspired by this (or any of my looks) please use the hashtag #MairannyInspired on all social media so I can see and give a repost on my instagram.

Hope you all enjoy this format and GET INSPIRED!



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