Visiting Neighborhood Vila Madalena

This weekend I went to this full-of-art neighborhood in São Paulo: Vila Madalena to visit a fashion designer atelier near by and at the end I decided to walk and connect with the city.

Everywhere that I looked I could saw graffiti on the walls and diverse kind of art, decoration and fashion mixed in one unique place. During these monts that I’m in SP I’ve never went to a place that I identify so much like this one.

Photos taken by: Aka Rauny | @akarauny

In Vila Madalena we have the Batman Alley, an alley (obvious) that looks kind of like a maze, but not like Maze Runner (joke) but yet a maze full of graffiti of all genders, forms, colors and artists, a immersion in a sea of vibrant colors.

I could not resist and then Aka started to take these beautiful photos of me in different places, so you can see how beautiful this neighborhood is.






Photos taken by: Aka Rauny | @akarauny



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